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How to Save in Kingdom Hearts 3

by Larryn Bell

In Kingdom Hearts 3, knowing how to save the game is something you’ll want to know right from the beginning. It’s best to make sure you’re saving often so that you don’t lose any hard-earned progress while exploring each world. We’ll go over how the save system works so that you can know when and how to save the game in Kingdom Hearts 3 without any guesswork.

How to Save in Kingdom Hearts 3

To save in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’ll need to locate designated save points throughout the world. These save locations look like glowing orbs of light circling around in one spot over the ground. Interacting with the save point will allow you to save your progress in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

How to save in Kingdom Hearts 3

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These save points aren’t particularly difficult to find, as you can spot them glowing from distance. Once you’ve interacted with a save point, a save file will be made with your progress. You can choose to overwrite this save each time, or you can choose to make separate save files so that you can pick up and replay from a certain point rather than be limited to just your most recent save location.

Keep in mind that Kingdom Hearts 3 also uses autosaves, which will occur each time you enter each world or discover a new area. Autosaves give you less control over your save files, but they are a nice feature to have in case you forget to manually save the game yourself before a big event. 

Be sure to save often to ensure your progress is saved as you explore the nostalgic Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. Check out our other Kingdom Hearts 3 coverage for more gameplay tips and tutorials.

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