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How to Save in Hades

by Josh Hawkins

As you explore the treacherous dungeons that make up Hell, you’re bound to find yourself face to face with quite a few challenges along the way.  In many cases, you might want to save your game in Hades before a big fight, just to help give you that edge. If you’re looking for information on how to save in Hades, then we’ve got the answers that you need.

How to Save Your Game in Hades

Because of its roguelike qualities, Hades does not actually offer any kind of manual save function. In fact, one of the biggest points of the game is to die and try again as the path will always change, giving you more and more challenges to face as you dive deeper and deeper into the dungeons of hell. But what happens if you need to head out to work or take a short break to walk the dog? Well, that’s where the autosave function comes into play.

Like many games these days, Hades uses a nifty autosave function that saves your game automatically at various points along the way. Thankfully Hades has a very frequent autosave, which means you’re never going to have to worry about losing any kind of progress along the way. This is handy for those who only have a few moments to devote to the game at a time, as they can easily play, complete an area, then come back to the game after they complete whatever else they need to complete.

Of course, autosaving also means that you won’t be able to undo any of your deaths, as the game will save automatically as soon as you perish. The good news is, though, this is all a part of the game’s basic formula and you will find yourself enjoying the game more—and dying less and less—as you continue to brave the treacherous depths of Hell in a bid to escape Hades’ clutches.

Hades is available right now as an early access title on the Epic Games store, and we’ll continue to provide more strategy-based content to assist you as you brave this new roguelike in the coming weeks.


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