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How to Raise Your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter: World

by Josh Hawkins

When you first set out on your journey into Monster Hunter: World, you’ll notice that major quests often add a ton of experience to your Hunter Rank, helping you move up to new levels quickly. This process stays consistent for a while, but as you continue to play, you’ll notice your Hunter Rank moving slower and slower. Here’s what you need to know to raise your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter: World so that you can reach Hunter Rank 100.

How to Increase Your Hunter Rank

Throughout a large portion of Monster Hunter: World your Hunter Rank will be directly tied to your overall progression throughout the main story campaign. You’ll gain more experience by completing specific story-driven quests, while also being able to take on side quests along the way. Because of this, increasing your Hunter Rank will rely heavily upon completing large portions of the game’s story mode.

The good news is this will change once you beat the main campaign. At that point, when all of the main story is completed, you’ll be able to start earning experience in an XP bar that you can track through the Status menu. When this happens, every Optional Quest, Expedition, Event, or any other things you complete in Monster Hunter: World will effectively help raise your Hunter Rank.

Because of this, we’d suggest focusing heavily on the main storyline at the start. This will allow you to move up in Hunter rank quickly early on, so that you can spend time later in the game focusing on hunting down monsters and gaining more crafting items and things of that sort. Unfortunately, things like Optional Quests won’t affect your Hunter Rank much before you complete the main storyline, so you won’t see much increase there unless you’re focusing in the main campaign.

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