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How to Raise Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact

by Lucas White

Genshin Impact is an instant success, boosting a curiosity of a free to play mobile game to a modest hit. Tons of people are playing, loving, and being confused by Genshin Impact depending on their “power levels.” There also are some strange, distinct mechanics in Genshin Impact, chief among them Adventure Rank. If you don’t raise your Adventure Rank as quickly as possible, you’ll be missing out on other parts of the game.

Genshin Impact Adventure Rate Guide

There aren’t really any fancy shortcuts that help you out with easy Adventure Rank farming. That’s not what this game is about, and you can’t really get around that. However, there are things you can do for consistent Adventure Rank experience points, that you can generally rely on to some extent or another.

It’s important to note, by the way, that you do get Adventure Rank experience points for nearly every action of substance you take while you’re playing Genshin Impact. That includes discovering new landmarks, completing quests, and even opening treasure chests. So in that sense, leveling up your Adventure Rank is really just a form of encouragement to engage with Genshin Impact the way the developers intended. They want you to explore, find little nooks and crannies, talk to everyone, do everything, so on and so forth.

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When it comes to landmarks, there are three major kinds. The most important for you as a player are the Statues of the Seven. These are the altars that you can pray at, and spend your Amenoculus or Geoculus for sigils, passive upgrades, and other goodies. Then there are the Shrines of Depth, which are scattered throughout the world and give you a substantial exp boost. You need keys for these though, so they aren’t very efficient. And finally, every time you find a fast travel point you’ll be rewarded with Adventure Rank experience points. In sum, explore!

There are certain static systems in Genshin Impact you’ll be able to rely on for experience, currency, and more. Once you hit Rank 12 you’ll be able to tackle a list of daily challenges, something you should expect to see in service model games. There’s also the Adventurer Handbook, which is essentially a list of achievements that will probably last you your whole adventure. Finally, as you play through the story you’ll get some pretty big boosts.

There are a couple other things, perhaps the most important once you climb up to those higher ranks. As you move through the story and go up the ranks, you’ll unlock access to repeatable dungeons. These will pay out a good chunk of Adventure Rank experience points, and will be a great resource when you’re trying to get to Rank 16, which unlocks multiplayer. Finally, opening up treasure chests will give you a little bit, and at much higher ranks are arguably one of your more reliable sources of exp. It’s worth marking each one you find on your map, because some of them actually respawn on a timer.

Ultimately, if you’re enjoying Genshin Impact and coming back to it, you’ll be doing a lot of this stuff anyway. As you play you’ll develop your own strategies and things to repeat to farm, but for the most part you’ll be going up those early Ranks doing the same stuff as everyone else.

Are you enjoying Genshin Impact, and do you think the Adventure Rank system is a good idea? Or are you not cool with how much effort is required to unlock co-op? Let us know what you think over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!