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How Raids Work In Marvel’s Avengers

by Liana Ruppert

Marvel’s Avengers from Crystal Dynamics offers a stunning amount of content for players to explore, including War Missions, Drop Quests, and the main narrative that centers around some of our favorite Marvel characters. While Marvel’s Avengers won’t have traditional raids, it will have raid-like missions for players to enjoy! 

Crystal Dynamics hasn’t been shy about excitedly talking on post-launch plans for Marvel’s Avengers. This team has years worth of content planned for down the line but with the nature of the game, it looks like this Marvel universe could have incredible raid potential. While raids by that name will not be included, there will be “raid-like” missions that players can take on for a bigger and more challenging experience. 

Philippe Therien works on the game’s War Zones mission as Director alongside game designer Lauryn Ash and during a recent AMA on Reddit, the duo recently teased higher difficulty missions that are described as raid-like that can last up to 2 hours. Obviously the more powerful the team the faster that finish line can be crossed, but like any raid (or similar activity), it all comes down to proper team communication. 

“The first raid-like content we have (I use that word because we have a cooler word for our game) is going to be very close to launch, like not months close, weeks close but we are finalizing the date now,” said Therien when one redditor asked about when raid content would arrive. “I think we will showcase it in one of the next news beats so I’m hoping you guys get a preview of it and then get to play it just a few short weeks after. We are also already working on more of them.”

The AMA quickly became wholesome when some users just asked how the devs were doing, one adorable exchange even talking about needing more cookies (same). Still, whatever the mystery name is, it sounds exciting. As a huge lover of games like World of Warcraft and Destiny 2 (wildly different raid mechanics but both ends of the spectrum that I personally enjoy), I love taking on in-game aspects that are designed to push players to their limit. Encouraging strategic thought is incredibly motivating for me so to see that inclusion in Marvel’s Avengers is exciting. 

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We’ll be learning soon enough because Marvel’s Avengers is set to arrive on September 4th. 

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