Mario Kart Tour is the latest entry in the popular Nintendo racing game franchise and is the first title in the series to hit mobile platforms. The new game has attracted plenty of attention following its official launch. However, it has left many players searching for how to race against their friends in Mario Kart Tour. Unfortunately, the way the multiplayer works in Mario Kart Tour currently is not precisely clear. 

Have you been looking for information on how to race your friends in the new game? If so, be sure to check out everything you need to know below.

How to Race Your Friends in Mario Kart Tour

race friends mario kart tour

Players do have the option to add friends through connecting their suggestions by connecting their Nintendo, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Having the ability to race against them in Mario Kart Tour is another story though at the time of this writing. You will see that the multiplayer option on the main menu of the title is currently greyed out and has a message stating it is inbound. 

Nintendo has also revealed that the game is an only-single player experience at launch meaning players can only play against bots right now. This single-player only launch experience means you can not race against your friends in Mario Kart Tour at this moment. It remains to be seen if Nintendo will allow players to race against their friends in the future. 

It would be very odd to see one of the most popular multiplayer franchises in the industry limit players to only playing against bots and not other individuals. 

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