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How to Purify Team Rocket Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

by Nicholas Barth

The infamous Team Rocket have invaded the world of Pokemon Go and have brought a whole new kind of creature to the popular mobile game. This new Shadow version is the kind players will have to battle against when trying to rid Pokestops of Team Rocket. However, players who obtain a Shadow version will best be served by purifying the creature. If you are curious about how to purify a Pokemon Go Team Rocket Shadow creature, be sure to check out everything you need to know to do so below. 

How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

First of all, players will need to acquire one of these new creatures in Go by defeating a Team Rocket grunt at any Pokestop that has been taken over by Team Rocket. With a victory, players will be granted the opportunity to catch the creature the Team Rocket grunt was using. After you have caught the Pokemon Go Shadow version, you only need to head to the pokemon’s information screen and press the purify button of their screen. However, it will cost you some dust and candy to purify. 

How to Purify Shadow Pokemon in Pokemon Go

While it is not required for Pokemon Go players to purify their Shadow versions, purified creatures do offer some benefits when compared to their counterparts. These benefits consist of costing less candy to evolve them and less dust to power them up, having the knowledge of the normal-type attack of Return, and receiving IV boosts when they are powered up. 

With these benefits and an easy completion process, Pokemon Go players will be wise to purify their Team Rocket Shadow versions whenever they acquire them. Will you be looking to defeat the evil forces that have made their way into the high-profile mobile title? Let us know your attack plans over on Twitter at @primagames!

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