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Monster Hunter: World – How to Preload the Final Beta

by Josh Hawkins

Monster Hunter: World isn’t far off now, and the developers over at Capcom are giving fans one more chance to try the game out and see what it is all about. The final beta for the title will go live later tonight, and if you want to be ready for the hunt, then we suggest going ahead and preloading the game now. This can easily be done, and we’ll show you how to preload Monster Hunter: World’s final beta right now.

How to Preload the Beta

We’ve already told you the Monster Hunter: World beta start and end times, but now let’s dive into how you can make sure you’re prepared to dive in when the beta goes live this evening. The objective is simple, and accomplishing that objective is really only a matter of knowing the right place to look. We’ve broken down the details below for each console, so go ahead and take a look to find out how to download the final beta for Monster Hunter: World so you’re prepared for when things kick off later this evening-.

How to Preload on PS4

To preload Monster Hunter: World’s final beta, you’ll need to head into the PlayStation 4 store. Once in the PS4 store, go ahead and locate the search option. This is where things can get a little tricky, because you may be tempted to simply search for ‘Monster Hunter: World’. Doing so won’t bring the effect that you want, though, so make sure you don’t just search for the game itself.

To actually find the beta you will need to type ‘Monster Hunter: World beta’ into the search bar. This will pull up the exact store entry that you need to download. From here you can choose to download the game. Approve the download and then wait for it to load onto your console. Once its ready all that you need to do is wait until the beta kicks off this evening and then you are ready to go.

How to Preload on Xbox One

To preload the Monster Hunter: World beta on Xbox One, you’ll just need to follow the same steps as we did on the PlayStation 4 above. Head to the Xbox Store and search for Monster Hunter: World beta. This should bring up the store entry, which will give you the option to download the beta before it goes live tonight, making sure you are ready for the final beta when it kicks off.

Make sure you head over to our Monster Hunter: World guides to find the answers to any additional questions you might have about the game, and we’ll continue to update our content with even more information to make sure you have everything you need to take on all the beasts of the New World.

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