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How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

by Nicholas Barth

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available for players across the world to enjoy. Mashing up features, weapons, maps, characters, and more from a multitude of entries in the franchise, Call of Duty: Mobile has quickly become a hit in the community for the first-person shooter series. While this Call of Duty game is the first to be available on Mobile platforms, there is a way for players to experience the title’s adrenaline-fueled action on their PC. 

How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

How to Play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC

Players can download and play the game on their PC thanks to Gameloop which currently is providing a way for individuals to download the new title onto their PC. Those who download the title onto their computers will have full keyboard and mouse support and will be able to map their controls to their keyboard however they would like. 

Unfortunately, Activision has revealed that there will be no support for controllers on Call of Duty: Mobile which means even if you are playing on PC, you will not have the ability to use a controller in matches. 

Call of Duty: Mobile on PC gives a whole community of video game players who want to experience everything the new game has to offer without being forced to play on iOS and Android devices the opportunity to do so. It is currently unclear if players are matched up based on their input devices. This means those playing on a computer may only be playing others doing the same or they could be matched with those playing on their iOS or Android devices. 

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