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How to Pick the Best Faction In New World

by Jesse Vitelli

New World, the new MMO from Amazon Games has a pretty big choice players must make at the beginning of their adventure. After completing some tutorial missions you’ll need to pick one of three factions, which one to pick though? Here is the best faction to pick in New World.

How to Pick the Best Faction In New World

  • There are three factions in New World, and each has its own motivations, story, missions, and even specific gear tied to each one. 
  • The Marauders are proud warriors who fight with honor and for glory and self-improvement
  • The Syndicate are clever disciples who fight with cunning for the sake of truth and progress

The Covenant are divine champions who fight with conviction for righteousness and justice. 

Now, what does all of that mean exactly? Well, to be honest, it’s mostly just flavor text. The faction you pick will primarily be based on what your friends want to pick. If you want to play with PvP turned on in new World you’ll only be able to party up with friends of the same faction. So the best faction to choose is wherever your friends go.

It’s worth looking at the gear available from each faction and seeing if there is anything standout.

One other point to take into consideration as well is the size of your server and where most of the other players are. Factions in New World will constantly be fighting over unclaimed territory and even already owned territory.

If there’s a faction that has a pretty high population already it’s probably a good bet to go with them since that faction will have the most sway on the world. 

Well, that’s everything you need to know about picking a faction, just go where your friends are! For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Prima Games, our official Twitter and Facebook channel, or leave a comment below! 


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