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How Old is Kiriko Really in Overwatch 2 – Answered

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by Daphne Fama

Kiriko is one of those characters that defies age. For the longest time, I was certain that she had to be in her mid- to late-teens. That is, until I heard a few interactions with the Shimada brothers. Which begs the question, how old is Kiriko from Overwatch 2, really?

How Old is Kiriko from Overwatch 2 Really? – Answered

Kiriko is one of the latest support heroes in Overwatch 2, hailing from Japan, where she protects the city Kanezaka. But fans were quick to note her distinctly youthful aura, which she makes note of several times in voice lines like, “Don’t underestimate the youth!”

Official sources have put Kiriko in her mid-twenties, but what’s thrown players for a loop is her close canonical connection with the Shimada brothers.

Images confirm this, showing Kiriko, Genji, and Hanzo all training together. Kiriko and Genji also share plenty of lines, including conversations about shared haircuts and time spent in the Hanamura arcade.

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And this is all important, because Genji has his age listed at 35. If Genji is 35… wouldn’t Kiriko be much older than early twenties? In the images we see of Kiriko and the Shimada brother’s training, it looks like Kiriko might be under the age of 10, with Genji not being much older.

So, what’s this mean for Kiriko’s age?

Well, she should likely be in her late twenties at latest, but more reasonably closer to 30. This is the age most fans thought she was when she was first released, but Blizzard was quick to clarify that she was in her early 20’s. Blizzard likely aged her down because they liked the idea of a spunky young personality to temper the more serious personalities in the support pool.

But Kiriko isn’t the only hero who’s age just doesn’t make sense. Check out what they’ve done to Mercy here: How Old is Mercy in Overwatch 2? – Answered.

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