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How Old is Captain Price in MW2? – Answered

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Captain John Price is one of the most important figures in Call of Duty. Having one of the main spotlights in the Modern Warfare series, this British veteran has seen some more things in his few years here in the Earth than most soldiers would see in their whole lifetime. But what is his exact age in the most recent entry, Modern Warfare 2?

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How Old is Captain Price in Modern Warfare 2?

Captain Price is 37 years old in the 2022 entry of the CoD series. Also known as the Bravo Six, Price was born in 1985 in the series, so this should be this age since MW2 is happening in 2022. He currently acts as the commander of Task Force 141, being both a mentor to his soldiers and a friend when needed.

In the Modern Warfare reboot, he started his career at the age of 16, and has served for the following 18 years, having reached the rank of Lieutenant by then. In 2011, he was finally promoted to Captain and is tasked with leading many of the important operations around the world.

He’s been around in the series since the original Modern Warfare game, alongside other prominent characters like Soap and Ghost. His track is quite similar there as he was also a Lieutenant before leading Task Force 141, as well as sticking with his trademark Bravo Six alias.

The main difference is that he had no official age by then, and since those games were situated around the time they were made, Price would probably have been born earlier than he is in the current MW2.

He’s certain to make a comeback in the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 title to be released later this year. The time skip shouldn’t be much bigger for the game, so it might take a bit more before he actually reaches his forties.

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