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How Much Does Kirby Fighters 2 Cost?

by Morgan Shaver

There seems to be some confusion over the price of Kirby Fighters 2 as a number of gamers have been asking whether the game is free-to-play.

The game dropped as a “surprise” on September 23 after previously being revealed early due to a leak.

It’s available right now on the Nintendo eShop, but if you just want to know the price of the game without digging through the eShop we’ve got you covered. Here’s how much Kirby Fighters 2 costs! 

How Much Does Kirby Fighters 2 Cost?

The quick answer to the question of how much Kirby Fighters 2 costs is $19.99 (USD). The game can only be purchased digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

For those who were originally wondering if the game is free-to-play, there is another Kirby game on the Switch that’s free called Super Kirby Clash.

It can be easy to mistake the two given their visual similarities and similarities in gameplay. Kirby Fighters 2 is a sequel to Kirby Fighters Deluxe while Super Kirby Clash is its own separate thing.

Kirby Fighters 2 is closer to Super Smash Bros. when it comes to its multiplayer, though the game’s Story Mode can feel similar as you take on various enemies as Kirby alongside a buddy. 

If you’re conflicted about getting one or the other, we do have an argument for why you should try both.

If you download and play Super Kirby Clash (which is free), you can unlock the “Sword rare hat” for Kirby in Kirby Fighters 2.

If you’re already planning to purchase Kirby Fighters 2 for $19.99 (USD), it’s certainly worth it to take the time to give Super Kirby Clash a try as well. 

Hopefully this helps give you a better idea as to the cost of Kirby Fighters 2, why there’s confusion over whether it’d be free (because Super Kirby Clash is free), and why it’s worth it to check out both games!

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