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How Many Ships Can You Have in Starfield? – Answered

Yes, I am an aspiring Fleet Commander too, how did you know?

Owning your fleet in Starfield is a fantastic feeling, but sadly, there is a limit on how many ships you can have in Starfield. There are so many ships in Starfield you can choose from, but you will not be able to own all of them; instead, you will need to carefully select what ships you will keep. See below how many different ships you can have simultaneously in Starfield.

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What is the Maximum Amount of Ships You Can Have in Starfield?

By default, you may have up to ten ships in Starfield. Players’ opinions regarding whether this limit is appropriate may be conflicting, but realistically, buying ten ships costs a lot of Credits. Also, when will you find the time to maintain, upgrade, and pilot ten different spaceships? Indeed, with the imposed limit, you should still be able to have a designated ship for every purpose. The next question I see you asking is, “Is there a way to increase the amount of ships you can own in Starfield?” I have you covered there as well.

Can You Own More Than Ten Ships in Starfield?

In Starfield, there is one way to own more than ten ships without modding or cheating. A handful of quests in Starfield provide you with a new ship as a reward. If you have ten ships already at the moment of turning in the quest, you will get an eleventh ship in your fleet, and so forth.

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When it comes to modded Starfield, there is a way to do that (the modding community never fails to deliver). On Nexus Mods, there is a mod called “More Ownable Ships” that you can take for a spin.

That’s all about the spaceship fleet limit in Starfield, folks. If you want to know more about ships in Starfield, I invite you to check out what Free ships in Starfield are there, and How to build a ship from scratch in Starfield.

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