How Many GB Is Fortnite for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox? – Answered

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Whether you are just getting into Fortnite or are trying to make a comeback after a break, you ought to know how much GB you are supposed to free on your storage unit. In this article, we’ll show you how much space Fortnite occupies on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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How Much Storage Is Needed to Install Fortnite on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox?

Fortnite takes slightly different amounts of gigabytes on different gaming systems, so here’s what we’ve discovered for the three most popular gaming platforms:

Fortnite on PC Total File Size

On my PC, Fortnite occupies 57.51 GB, which is indeed a huge chunk of data despite there being many bigger games out in the wild. However, in this day and age, this is considered pretty normal. Also, you might temporarily need a bit more additional storage during the download and installation phase, but in the end, Fortnite occupies “just” 57.51 gigabytes on my drive as seen in the Epic Store information.

Fortnite on PlayStation Total File Size

On my PlayStation 5, Fortnite occupies 65.53 GB, which is even more than on the PC! While writing this article, I got a new update, and it climbed the “weight” of Fortnite to 66.57 GB. It is pretty big, indeed.

Fortnite on Xbox Total File Size

On Xbox, we’ve found that the installation size is close to 58 GB, but keep in mind that with future content updates, it’s bound to get bigger and bigger. It is to be expected from a live service (GaaS) game, after all, especially when it’s as long-lasting as Fortnite is.

Seems that times when you could fit dozens of games on a DVD are long gone and that you need to be selective of games you will keep on your limited storage or buy additional storage in order to have more games available to you.

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