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How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go? – Answered

I can't even imagine having so many friends irl

by Patrick Souza

While many people enjoy playing alone, some games are simply better when enjoyed with friends. While this may not be true for all cases, Pokemon Go has lots of advantages for being friendly with fellow trainers as you can start sending gifts to each other. Everyone wins!

Being friends is also helpful when trading for rare Pokemon, as not only do you first need to have someone to trade with but the longer you’ve been friends with the person you’re trading with, the less Stardust will be required during it.

But there’s a certain limit to how many friends a person can have. How many people can you befriend in this game per account?

How Many Friends Can You Have in Pokemon Go?

As of April 2021, a person can have up to 400 friends added in their Pokemon Go account. This number was previously capped at 200, but it was later doubled due to requests from players that enjoy exchanging friend codes with strangers to get rewards.

Other advantages of friendship include attack bonuses in Raid groups as the game incentivizes you to tag along with your friends during those challenges. The boost you get increases the higher your friendship level with the person is.

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And even if those weren’t a thing, just passively getting items such as extra Poke Balls, Potions, and Revives would be reason enough to make some friends. If you’re desperately in need of some, you can try using forums dedicated to that such as the Pokemon Go Friends subreddit where people post their Friend Codes for that reason alone.

But don’t forget that you can only open up to 30 gifts per day, so having so many friends may not be as effective as you think. But as you never know when someone stops playing, being such a friendly person is not that bad at the end of the day.

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