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How Many Chapters are in The Quarry Game? – Answered

The real summer slasher

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How Many Chapters are in The Quarry Game

A new interactive horror by the developer of Until Dawn – The Quarry – has brought us another teenage slasher in which nine camp counselors are trying to survive their last night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp infested with many supernatural creatures. Who prevails and how this horror cliche will play out throughout the many chapters of the game depends only on your decisions and choices. But just how long is the whole experience and how many chapters are in The Quarry?

How Many Chapters are in The Quarry Game?

Like many other games of this type, The Quarry is divided into chapters in which the action takes place in an episodic format. After a short prologue, there are 10 chapters in the game that can play out very differently depending on your decisions in certain situations. See below for a complete list of all the chapters:

  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Hackett’s Quarry Forever!
  • Chapter 2: Truth or Dare
  • Chapter 3: Trouble In Paradise
  • Chapter 4: Don’t Panic
  • Chapter 5: White Noise
  • Chapter 6: Prayers By Night
  • Chapter 7: The Past Behind Us
  • Chapter 8: The Belly Of The Beast
  • Chapter 9: The Matriarch
  • Chapter 10: Bricks and Mortar
  • Epilogue

The Prologue and the first two Chapters in The Quarry serve as an introduction to the game, where you will spend time getting to know the characters and all the important locations in Hackett’s Quarry. Most of the main action takes place between Chapters 3 and 6, while the end begins with Chapter 7 leading the game towards the final outcome and the results of all your choices in Chapter 10 and the Epilogue.

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The cool thing is once you finish the game, you unlock chapter selection so you can replay them in any order you want, changing your choices to see all the different outcomes and to try to save more people this time.

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