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Base Camos Modern Warfare 3
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Camos are always one of the most exciting aspects of a new Call of Duty game, and there is no shortage of them to unlock in Modern Warfare 3. But there are far more base and mastery camos than you might imagine, and I have the full count for you in this guide.

How Many Camos Are in MW3?

There are 834 base camos in Modern Warfare 3 and 16 Mastery Camos across all the weapons. If you split the camo count between both games, the numbers make more sense. Modern Warfare 2 has 556, and MW3 has a total of 278. Both games have base camos that can be unlocked in two different modes when MW3 goes live.

Mastery Camos MW3
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All of the weapons in the game will have a set of four base camos tied to Multiplayer and another set of four tied to the Modern Warfare Zombies mode. Of course, that means the Mastery Camos are also split across Zombies and Multiplayer, meaning eight to unlock for either side. In other words, there is a ton of work to be done on this year’s grind.

For the mastery camo grind specifically, you need around 912 unlock challenges to be completed, which results in 912 camos across all the weapons. The carry-forward mastery camos account for 308 of those challenges, while the MW3 grind brings in a set of 604. Either way, there is plenty to grind for across all modes.

Anyone who played a fair amount of MW2 will have much less of a grind when the game launches. The base camos, especially, will be much easier to get through. Carry Forward should allow you to focus on the new weapons and the fresh mastery camos. But if you’re new to both games, I wish you the best of luck with the full grind.

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