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How Long Does It Take to Beat Devil May Cry 5?

by Prima Games Staff

Devil May Cry 5 is an absolute blast to play, but no matter how much fun slaying demons with Dante, Nero and V is, it’s important to manage your time wisely. For that reason, many players and potential buyers have been wondering how long it’ll take to beat Devil May Cry 5. In this guide we’ll take you through the total number of missions included in DMC5, as well as the approximate time you can expect to spend playing through them.

Devil May Cry 5 includes a total of 20 Missions, or 21 if you count the Prologue. You’ll hop between Nero, Dante and V as you progress, with each missions taking a varying amount of time. All in all, you can expect to clock in at around 15 hours to beat the whole lot if you play on the Son of Sparda difficulty. As you might expect, much of the game is based on combat, so dropping to difficulty down to a lower level like Human could reduce your time to around 10 hours total.

As a largely linear game, there are only a few places you could spend some extra time exploring to find secrets, so don’t expect that total time to shoot up much if you’re the inquisitive type. One point that is worth noting, however, is that DMC5 includes extra unlockables that will require you to play through the game at least twice. If you’re hoping to unlock the alternate outfits for Dante, V and Nero, you’ll need to factor in the time for a second run, and on an even higher difficulty level. To that end, you’ll probably be spending closer to 25-30 hours overall.

To give you an idea of what to expect in Devil May Cry 5, we’ve listed all of the missions in the game below. It’s worth mentioning that if you want to go into Devil May Cry 5 spoiler-free, you should probably avoid reading the names of each of these, as they can give away some key story beats. 

  • Prologue
  • Mission 1: Nero
  • Mission 2: Qliphoth
  • Mission 3: Flying Hunter
  • Mission 4: V
  • Mission 5: The Devil Sword Sparda
  • Mission 6: Steel Impact
  • Mission 7: United Front
  • Mission 8: Demo King
  • Mission 9: Genesis
  • Mission 10: Awaken
  • Mission 1: Reason
  • Mission 12: Yamato
  • Mission 13: Three Warriors
  • Mission 14: Diverging Point: V
  • Mission 15: Diverging Point: Nero
  • Mission 16: Diverging Point: Dante
  • Mission 17: Brothers
  • Mission 18: Awakening
  • Mission 19: Vergil
  • Mission 20: True Power

To recap: If you’re only going to play through Devil May Cry 5 once for the story, you should run up between 10-15 hours with it. Those aiming for a more completionist run will be pushing closer to 30 hours total. If you’re looking to speed up your playthrough, read our guide on the best ways to earn Red Orbs in Devil May Cry 5, as these will let you upgrade Dante, Nero and V with stronger abilities for combat.

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