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How Long Does it Take to Beat Anthem’s Story?

by Prima Games Staff

Anthem is just about to hit its full launch, and many players are interested to know how long it’ll take to beat the story for the game. BioWare are known best for their involved and lengthy stories, but Anthem is largely a multiplayer game. To help you plan ahead or decide if you want to buy it, this guide will teach you how long it takes to beat Anthem’s story.

How Long is Anthem’s Story?

Anthem has a total of 21 main story missions, but there are also plenty of side quests you can take on while completing them. It took us roughly 10 hours to beat the 21 main missions, but other have reported up to 15 hours, so expect it to last in the 10-15 hour ballpark. It’s certainly possible to beat the game faster, especially if you skip through the cutscenes. However, we wouldn’t recommend rushing, as Anthem’s story is an enjoyable affair and one of the game’s best parts.

If you want to beat the main campaign for Anthem, you’ll need to complete all 21 of these story missions. To give you a hint of what’s in store, we’ve listed the names of all the main missions below:

  • Mission 1: Silence the Heart of Rage
  • Mission 2: Early Warnings
  • Mission 3: Welcome to Fort Tarsis
  • Mission 4: Lost Arcanist
  • Mission 5: Lighting a Fire
  • Mission 6: Incursion
  • Mission 7: Finding Old Friends
  • Mission 8: Meeting With Corvus
  • Mission 9: Tomb of the Legionnaires
  • Mission 10: The Tomb of General Tarsis
  • Mission 11: The Fortress of Dawn
  • Mission 13: Triple Threat
  • Mission 14: Inverse Functions
  • Mission 15: Convergence
  • Mission 16: Crafting the Dawn Shield
  • Mission 17: Mysterious Beginnings
  • Mission 18: Dear Diary
  • Mission 19: Vanishing Act
  • Mission 20: Freelancer Down
  • Mission 21: Return to the Heart of Rage

If you’re concerned that 10-15 hours feels to short for this type of game, don’t worry. Anthem has a bunch of extra late game content to take part in, and we expect more to be added over time à la Destiny. It may also take you far longer to beat the story if you spend a good deal of time completing side missions and taking part in public events.

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