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How Long Do You Have to Watch to Get a Valorant Key?

by Nicholas Barth

Valorant is the new first-person shooter from Riot Games and has already become one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world during its closed beta. However, players must obtain a key to gain access to the closed beta to experience everything the game currently has to offer. Players can receive a closed beta when they watch any stream for Valorant on the platform of Twitch. Fortunately, we have how long you have to watch to get one of these keys covered for you.

How Long Do You Have to Watch to Get a Valorant Key?

Now, there is no specific amount of time you have to watch to get a closed beta key. Members of the community have reported that they have gotten one after not watching for very long at all, such 30 minutes or so. Other players have said that they have watched for extremely long periods of time, like 20 hours, and have not gotten a key.

Riot Games and Twitch have made it to where it is completely random when you get a valorant closed beta key by watching Twitch streams of the first-person shooter. There is a possibility you get one within minutes of watching a stream, while there is also the possibility that you could watch for over 30 hours and not obtain one. 

How Long Do You Have to Watch to Get a Valorant Key

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Players need to make sure that their Riot Games account is linked with their Twitch account. If these accounts are not linked, it doesn’t;t matter how long you watch. You will not be eligible to get a Valorant closed beta key. You can check to make sure that your Riot Games and Twitch accounts are linked on the platform’s connections page. 

All that players can control is to watch streams of the game on Twitch and just hope that RNG is in favor of getting a key before you watch for extremely long periods. 

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We here at Prima Games wish you the best of luck in your quest to watch enough to get a key for the first-person shooter. Let us know how long it took you to get one over on Twitter and Facebook

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