How long is Days Gone? - Prima Games

How long is Days Gone?

by John Cooper

Taking on a new game these days (gone) is a daunting prospect. Given the AAA lean towards obscenely lengthy stories set in impossibly large worlds, you really need to know what to expect before diving into a new game. Well, Days Gone threatens your time by being an open-world game in the first place, so you can expect a fair chunk of your time to be eaten by it.

Just imagine the game as a zombie and your time as a brain. Are all games zombies, is time a brain? That’s not why you’re here. 

According to the plethora of reviews that have come out since the game was released you can expect to lose anywhere between 30 and 60 hours to this writhing horde of AAA traits. It seems like the former is what you can expect if you are mainlining the story while anything above 30 will be spent on the game’s sidequests and random events. Well, that or wandering around trying to fix your bike.

Of course, there is a huge amount of stuff to do in the game, plus some randomly occurring events like helping out an NPC besieged by freakers. 

How long you spend in the game is up to you, but you might want to check out our review first to see exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Given how little time you get as an adult, it is worth making sure you’re actually going to enjoy yourself before diving in. But hey, I’m not your boss, play whatever you want.