With the release of Life Is Strange: True Colors on September 10 comes questions, including one commonly asked question in particular… how long will it take to beat the game?

While the answer to this will depend on your approach to the game, the averages will be fairly consistent across the board. For more, here’s a closer look at how long it’ll take you to beat Life Is Strange: True Colors! 

How Long To Beat Life Is Strange: True Colors

The average completion time for Life Is Strange: True Colors sits at around 10 hours in length. In total, there are five chapters in Life Is Strange: True Colors, and each chapter takes roughly 2 hours to complete. 

During our first playthrough, we were able to beat the game in a little over 10 hours, though we did spend quite a bit of time lingering and looking at things and walking around. If you don’t care about side quests like helping specific characters and you just want to play for the main story, you could potentially complete the game in as little as 8 or 9 hours. 

On the flip side, if you want to do everything there is to do in the game and explore every single nook and cranny of Haven, you could be looking at a completion time closer to 11 or 12 hours.

In conclusion, you’re looking at around 10 hours to beat Life Is Strange: True Colors on an average playthrough. If you rush through, you can beat the game in 8-9 hours, and if you do a completionist run you’re potentially looking at closer to 11 or 12 hours. 

We hope this helps! 

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