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How To Listen To Heartbeat In BTS World

by John Cooper


Today is the day that fans around the world have been waiting for, that’s right, BTS World is finally coming out. With this exciting new mobile game comes the opportunity to listen to an exclusive song ahead of the release of the full OST for the game.

The BTS WORLD OST is coming out on June 28th, but if you download the game on June 26th, then you can listen to it for a whole 48 hours more than anyone else.

How To Listen To Heartbeat In BTS World

To listen to this new track, you’ll need to download the title onto your phone first. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to listen to the song during the introduction and the main lobby. The best part is that the game itself is actually free, so you’ll be able to listen to Heartbeat for free, which is basically the dream.

To listen to the song, you can just watch the intro or hang out in the main lobby, as it’ll be playing in the background there.

This song isn’t the only reason that you’ll want to play BTS world though, you can get a huge amount of content from it. It includes loads of photos and group stories. The game is described as “It’s 2012 – and you work at Big Hit. As BTS’s manager, their debut is up to you! Is this the beginning of your success story? Will you be able to go back to your own world? It’s time to live your wildest dreams – jump right in!”

It really is everything a fan could want outside of actually going to see them live.


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