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How To Launch A Nuke In Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter

by John Cooper

With Fallout 76 attempting to claw its way out of mediocrity and into the limelight, Bethesda has decided to add in a new mode, a Battle Royale mode. The mode is called Nuclear Winter and has players fighting it out to become the overseer fo Vault 51. There is a lot of interesting stuff in this unique take on the Battle Royale genre, but perhaps the most over-the-top and violent is the fact that you can launch a nuke within it. 

Much like the main game itself, you can stumble across codes that allow you to launch this weapon of mass destruction and bring a swift end to most fights. That means a lot of players want to know one thing: how to launch a nuke in Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter. Well, as ever, we are here to give you the answers. 

How To Launch A Nuke In Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter

In order to launch a nuke, you need the right codes. The easiest way to do this is to loot them from chests, although you can also get them from eliminated players and even occasionally from NPC enemies. Once you have four of these you are ready to go. 

The next step is to get your hands on a Nuclear Briefcase, which is another item that can be found by looting everything in sight. They turn up less often than the codes, but you or a teammate should find one eventually. All you need to do then is use the briefcase and select where you want the bomb to drop. We recommend choosing somewhere away from yourself. 

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