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How to Kill the Vex in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

How to find all of the Gold Chests and Dead Ghosts in Destiny.

Some of the missions in Destiny are chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s common to see five or six different types of creatures slinging their nonsense at you and the rest of your fire team. Thankfully, each of these terrifying species have weaknesses that all Guardians should exploit. Today, we’ll run through the Vex, and then break down how to kill each individual threat.

The Vex

Goblin – These slow moving, soulless minions of the Vex aren’t that hard to deal with. The problem is they are armored, so the natural instinct of shooting them in the head should be ignored. When you get the opportunity, players should target their stomach for maximum damage. Goblins can be taken out with fire from most primary weapons.

Hobgoblin – This variant of the Goblin prefers to engage Guardians at range using their sniper-class Line Rifles. They do have the ability to erect an impenetrable shield, but this can actually work in the player’s favor. Try hitting the Hobgoblin with light fire so they’ll raise their shield. When the shield lowers, target the weak point in their stomachs to take them out completely.

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Harpy -This floating drone is essentially the Hive version of a beefed up Shank. They will often deploy in groups, but unlike the Shank, they have a vulnerable point in their eyes. Players wishing to take them out quickly should target this weak point. In large groups, Harpies can use Solar energy to attack players, and on Mythic difficulty have Arc shields that require weapons that deal Arc damage to destroy.

Hydra – This is a massive floating Vex unit armed with Torch Hammers and protected by a barrier that blocks all incoming attacks. A Hydra will usually be priority one in an engagement, and players should look to flank them in order to get a shot off in its weak point, the eye. Don’t bother trying to use rockets on this one. It’s a waste of resources.

Minotaur – This is the biggest threat that players will face up to this point. They have absolutely no weak points, and can teleport several times in quick succession to avoid heavy weapons and Super Abilities. Oh, and they come with an Arc shield that will require players to use an Arc energy weapon to destroy. The trick here is to destroy its shield, then its head to stop it from regenerating.

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