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How to Kill the Fallen in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

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Some of the missions in Destiny are chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s common to see five or six different types of creatures slinging their nonsense at you and the rest of your fire team. Thankfully, each of these terrifying species have weaknesses that all Guardians should exploit. Today, we’ll run through the Fallen, then break down how to kill each individual threat.

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The Fallen

Dreg – This is the lowest class of Fallen, and they will fight viciously to prove their usefulness. Individually they are weak, but what they have going for them is speed and their tendency to seek cover when they are in danger. Players can take them out using the most basic types of weapon fire, grenades or melee attacks. Super Abilities should be saved for more dangerous members of the Fallen.

Vandal – A step up from the Dreg, Vandals are the faster of the two and prefer to engage Guardians at medium to long range. There are several variants, but they should fall to most of the basic weapons players will bring into battle. Consider using precision weapons to take them down, and be careful when using grenades or melee attacks; Vandals are fast enough to avoid them.

Captain – These guys are the elite of the Fallen society. They have the ability to deploy Arc shields and can teleport if they are in danger. If at all possible, simply ignore a Captain and continue on with the rest of your mission. If disengagement isn’t an option, try to flank them, and if at all possible, bring a weapon that deals Arc damage to quickly finish them off.

Shank – If you’ve spent much time roaming around Earth in Destiny, you’ve run into your fair share of these guys. They are robotic assault drones that provide fire support for other members of the Fallen. Early versions of the Shank are easy to destroy, but don’t have weak points. As you enter Mythic missions with Shanks with Solar shields, bring a weapon that deals Solar damage to kill them.

Servitor – We found the Servitor to be a lot worse in theory than in practice. It’s a hovering unit that utilizes a short-range teleport when in danger. The good news is that Servitors are quite slow and have a massive weak spot in their eyes, so targeting other areas is a waste of resources. Try to take out any support units around the Servitor. It can heal them with the Void energy surrounding it.

Skiff – The Skiff isn’t really a problem given that it’s basically a transport ship for members of the Fallen. They do have turrets, but if they’re dropping off reinforcements and leaving, you should avoid wasting ammunition. If the Skiff decides to stick around and make your life miserable, target the turrets to stop them from dealing damage.

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