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How to Kill the Cabal in Destiny

by Prima Games Staff

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Some of the missions in Destiny are chaotic, and that’s putting it mildly. It’s common to see five or six different types of creatures slinging their nonsense at you and the rest of your fire team. Thankfully, each of these terrifying species have weaknesses that all Guardians should exploit. Today, we’ll run through the Cabal, and then break down how to kill each individual threat.

The Cabal

Legionary – This is the most common type of enemy players will face from the Cabal. What makes these guys unique is their jump packs that allow them to close the distance on Guardians, or even sneak around to their flanks while they are busy with other Cabal. Take these guys out first if you can, and that is most easily done by landing precision shots to their weakest point, the head.

Phalanx – These units are very similar to the Legionary, but trade in their jump packs for a shield that cannot be penetrated by conventional weapons. They are much slower moving, and will raise their shields the moment you fire on them. Try hitting an exposed limb when their shields are up, or move around to their sides to do damage with grenades or other standard attacks.

Centurion – If you mix a Legionary and a Phalanx you might get a Centurion, except stronger. They have the jump pack to move around quickly, but also come with shields. Bring a Solar powered weapon to knock down their shields, and don’t be afraid to burn a heavy weapon or Super Ability to finish them off. If you give them time, they’ll seek cover and heal up.

Colossus – We just don’t like the name of these guys, but it is fitting given how huge they are. They can devastate a Guardian with fire from a distance or a ground pounding melee attack. The upside is that they are quite slow, so you should be able to keep your distance. Your best strategy is to hit them with precision headshots from a distance.

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Psion – Much faster than their Cabal comrades, Psion are known to hunker down to gain an increase in fire rate and accuracy. They also have a psychokinetic Arc energy that will move as a wave and cause serious damage. Try to jump this Arc energy wave if possible, then take them out with precision headshots from a distance.

Harvester – Like all factions before it, the Cabal have a drop ship that goes by the name of the Harvester. It can appear anywhere on the surface of Mars, but will usually drop off Cabal forces and then leave again. If you can avoid its Solar turrets, do so and let it fade away. If it decides to stick around, destroy the turrets so you can safely engage the deployed ground troops.

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