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How is Atomic Heart Similar to Bioshock? – Answered

Nora will be happy to call you Big Daddy

by Daphne Fama
Atomic Heart P-3 and Granny Zina

Atomic Heart released on February 21, 2023 and very quickly the comparisons between it and Bioshock were being made. But are the descriptions apt? How is Atomic Heart similar to Bioshock?

How is Atomic Heart Similar to Bioshock? – Answered

Atomic Heart is a game with a plot that you should unravel on your own. And to that end, I’ll limit spoilers to what occurs during the first hour, which is by and large tutorial and world building.

Both Bioshock and Atomic Heart are set in alternative timelines, where their respective leaders have created societies touted as Utopias. Atomic Heart has managed, through the power of robotics and a substance called polymer, to terraform the surrounding area, reach new technological heights, and create an overall peaceful society. Bioshock had its own “utopias” in the underwater Rapture and the floating City of Columbia, but like Atomic Heart, things quickly descend into chaos.

Beyond the locations, many gameplay aspects are similar. In both games you play in the first person, but the protagonists are by and large the same. Rough and tumble men who could be brothers, or maybe they just happen to share the same barber. They have access to a wide arsenal of weapons, from melee to firearms, but the most unique aspect is their abilities.

Sergey, the protagonist of Atomic Heart, has the ability to shock, freeze, and use telekinesis. Similarly, the Vigors and Plasmids you can find in Bioshock allow Booker or Jack to shock, freeze, or use telekensis. There are some differences, of course. In Bioshock you can summon bugs. I wish Atomic Heart would let me summon bugs.

These abilities can be upgraded at machines in both games, but in Atomic Heart, the machine will talk dirty to you.

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But beyond these powers, there are plenty of other similarities. Like interesting lock mechanics, dozens of audio logs to pick up, computers and cabinets to rifle through, flying security drones, and ominous, claustrophobic environments.

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