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How to Invite Friends and Change Party Privacy in Anthem

by Prima Games Staff

Anthem is designed as a multiplayer game at heart, so it’s important to know how to get your friends involved by inviting them to your party. Understanding your party privacy settings is equally vital for those times you just want to fly your Javelin in peace or lose yourself in the story. In this guide we’ll teach you how to invite friends and change party privacy in Anthem.

How to Invite Friends and Change Party Privacy

To change your party privacy in Anthem, you’ll first need to be in Fort Tarsis where you can interact with your Javelin. This will open up the Expedition screen where you choose what sort of mission you want to set out on when you enter the world.

After selecting a mission you’ll be given the chance to change your party privacy via the menu at the bottom of the screen (press P if playing on PC to bring this up). You can now set whether your party is private or public, with the former meaning only people you invite are able to join. If you’re looking to play solo or with friends, private is the option you should pick.  

Setting your party to private will stop random players from joining, but it also means your friends won’t be able to directly join on you. Instead, you’ll need to invite them. Swap to the Squad tab on the Expedition screen. Here you can select any of the empty squad slots to bring up the friends screen where you can manually choose each player you want to invite. As soon as they accept and join you’ll be ready to set out on your next mission!

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