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How to Increase Your Squad Reputation in Battlefield Hardline

by Prima Games Staff

While playing Battlefield Hardline, you may have noticed that every once in a while something pops up on the screen and asks you to choose between two perks. If you’re the Mechanic, sort of like we typically are, the first time it invades your HUD it will ask you to choose between an Extra Grenade or Flak Jacket. Of course, the choice you make should depend on many factors, but the point is you’re doing something right. You’re earning points as part of a squad and being rewarded for it.

Why is this important? Well, Squad Reputation can provide some big benefits, so unlocking as many of the four levels as you can will make your life on the battlefield much easier. It also turns out that some of the Syndicate assignments, such as the Mechanic Syndicate, require that you unlock the fourth Reputation Perk level in 10 different matches. Let us tell you right now, that is no easy task, which is probably why you searched for it, and also why we’re going to help you pull it off.

Mechanic Class Reputation Perks

Level Operator Mechanic Enforcer Professional
Level 1 Extra Magazines Extra Grenade Fast Throw Fast Climb
Level 1 Fast Climb Flak Jacket Reduced Fall Reduced Fall
Level 2 Fast Ready Extra 40mm Grenades Fast Ready Advanced Spot
Level 2 Healing Upgrade Fast Repair Upgraded Ammo Box Fast Unspot
Level 3 Fast Aim Fast Aim Fast Aim Hold Breath
Level 3 Revive upgrade Delayed Trigger Extra Charges Low Profile
Level 4 Fast Reload Fast reload Increased Suppression Fast Reload
Level 4 Fast Swap Fast Swap Reduced Suppression Delayed Trigger

How to Unlock Reputation Perks

Unlocking the four levels of the Reputation Perks is done by earning squad points, which is to say doing things with your squad. This could mean providing them the First Aid Pack, Ammo Box or even reviving them when they go down. It could also mean getting an assist while your squad members get the kills, or even spawning on a member of your squad. Essentially, you’re in a squad for a reason, and this is just Visceral Games’ way of encouraging you to stick together and play as a team.

Players will notice that the first level comes quite easily and will most likely be unlocked in every game that you play. The second isn’t bad either, but the third and fourth are almost like some mythical creature that you’ve heard about from a player who knows another player who knows an MLG player, but you’re skeptical about the existence of these third and fourth levels. Well, they do exist, but they are nearly impossible to unlock without the perfect circumstances.

First of all, go to the Hotwire game mode and squad up. If you know these people and can communicate with them on the microphone, great. If not, it’s still possible to pull this off. Make sure that you choose the Mechanic class, bringing with you a Repair Tool and M79/M320 HE grenade launcher. Before you do something silly like spawning, however, make sure to navigate to the Boosts category in pre-spawn screen, looking for any that have to do with your Reputation Perks. Equip these suckers going with the highest boost percentage first, as the 25 percent option will see players coming up short.

When you’re ready to go, have you and the other members of your squad (the more the better) hop into one of the objective vehicles, then get busy earning objective based points, repairing your vehicle when it gets damaged and destroying enemy vehicles that you come across. This action will cause the first two levels of the Reputation Perk track to quickly unlock, but things are more difficult for the final two. In fact, we only pulled it off one time in a car, and that was with a 50 percent Reputation Perk boost equipped.

The Hotwire Helicopter Method

Here’s the money in the bank way to unlock all four levels of the Reputation Perks. Have your team’s best (or second best if it’s you) pilot grab one of the transport helicopters while you hop on the gun. Once again, make sure you’re using the Reputation Perk boost, then spend the entire game chasing down the enemy objective vehicles, taking them out for massive amounts of points. Expect that the first three levels will unlock rather quickly, but the fourth might take a little more time. Be patient with this, making sure to switch seats and repair the helicopter if it takes too much damage. Pay particular attention to the van or fuel tanker, as these are slower and easier to hit targets.

Reputation Perk Progress Reset

One thing that players need to know about their Reputation Perk progress is that if your squad is wiped, your progress will be reset. This means that at least one member of your squad must be alive at all times or you’re headed back to the start of the level you are currently working on. For example, if you have successfully unlocked the third perk and are halfway through the fourth when your squad gets wiped, you have to start the fourth tier all over again. Due to how difficult it is to unlock this level, that’s pretty much game over.

For more information on Battlefield Hardline, check out our tips and tricks for advanced gamers. If you’ve yet to play through the single-player campaign, we have an amazing Battlefield Hardline walkthrough for you, as well as the location of all the Evidence and Case Files.

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