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How to Increase FPS in Islands of Nyne

by Josh Hawkins

Islands of Nyne is a new and upcoming battle royale game that thrusts players into a futuristic fight to be the last person standing. Like many other PC battle royale titles, how to increase FPS is an issue. The game is available on Steam’s Early Access program and has garnered a bit of attention from the battle royale community. To help you out, here’s some changes you can make in your game files to increase your FPS in Islands of Nyne, and make the game run smoother.

How to Increase your FPS in Islands of Nyne

Being an early access game, Islands of Nyne is sure to receive quite a few updates over the coming months, which will no doubt change the game’s overall performance and feel. The purpose of this guide is to provide players comfortable with changing settings in their game config a way to dive deeper into the settings and make things run a bit smoother, giving them a better experience overall.

As with anything, if you aren’t comfortable working with game config files, then please just wait until more official fixes become available. However, if you know your way around game config files and have done this in the past, then keep reading to see how you can increase your FPS.

Set Launch Options

One of the first things you can do to help increase your FPS is change some launch settings for your game. This will force the game to use certain settings and options, which will improve your FPS a bit, depending on your system. Now, this particular fix will work for some, so just try it to see if it makes a difference for you or not.

In the game’s launch options on Steam, add “-sm4” or “-d3d10”. This both force the game to use an older shader model, which can improve FPS for many users. If this causes graphical issues or other problems, then be sure to remove it from your launch options.

Change Render Scale In-Game

After you have set up your launch options, you can also change some settings in-game. There’s one particular setting that you will want to take notice of especially, which is the Render Scale. This setting changes the resolution that all of the content in the game is rendered at. By default this number is set to 100%, which will most likely be 1920×1080 if you’re running an HD monitor. Set this number to something lower and your game will render at a lower resolution, allowing you to get a smoother framerate. Keep in mind that this will make the game’s graphics fuzzier, which may bother some players.

Download and Install Third-Party Config Files

Because of the esports-focused nature of Islands of Nyne, players have created some special FPS configuration files, which you can download and install. Now, we would like to point out that Prima never recommends downloading any third-party content like this, as it could contain malicious code. However, if you are comfortable downloading something of this sort and using it, you can find all the instructions to do so by heading over to esports exposed, where you’ll find the information freely available.

Now that you know how to increase the FPS in Islands of Nyne, it’s time to dive in and start making your way through the ranks. We’ll have more content about this promising battle royale game here in the future, so check back later for more strategy based information and content.


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