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How to Help Your Kids Play Disney Infinity (or Have them Help You!)

by Prima Games Staff

Unlike most games that fit into one genre, this title is literally a platformer, racer, sports game, fighter, puzzle game, and more all rolled into one. Disney Infinity is meant to be shared and enjoyed by wide group of players. The best part about Disney Infinity is that it can be played by gamers of every level of experience and appeals to the whole family.  Here are just a few ways to experience Disney Infinity with the kids.

  • Two characters from the same Play Set can go through the adventure in a split screen co-op mode. Playing with your kids is one of the best ways to actively spend time with them and share their experiences.
  • You can also alternate players in the Play Sets. By switching the active player it gives kids or parents a chance to help get through some of the tough parts. There are lots of toys to acquire in the Toy Store in each Play Set and that means collecting a lot of in game currency. So team up with a partner, level up the characters and earn some more money for new toys.
  • If one of your gamers wants to take a more passive roll they can still enjoy the Play Sets. Hidden throughout these worlds are red and green capsules that unlock toys and customization options. While one person is playing have the rest of the family point out some of the tricky collectibles.
  • Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Disney Infinity is the Toy Box. This open world mode allows kids to build just about anything with the toys they have unlocked. Go through the basic tutorials with your kids to get everyone up to speed on the tools and techniques to build your own world, then build something together!
  • The Toy Box is a great place to building a world with your family. Younger kids might not grasp the complexity of some of the more interactive elements like switches and this is the perfect time for parents to step in and help add another dimension to the their creation.
  • If your kids are natural builders, challenge them new ideas to bring things to life. It is very rewarding for kids to have a goal and a reason to show off their work.
  • If you’re looking for inspiration, go online and get a brand new Toy Box to try out! Currently, there are nearly 80 Toy Boxes online that are approved and curated by the game’s developers. These represent the best of both the developer’s and user submitted creations. New Toy Boxes will keep the game fresh for a long time and these can also serve as example and inspiration for the whole family to make new creations.

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