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How to Heal in We Happy Few

by Larryn Bell

At its core, We Happy Few is a game about survival and overcoming the odds. Staying healthy and maintaining your vital stats is an important aspect of survival. From violent Wastrels to baton-wielding Bobbies, there are multiple threats that can hurt you in the game. This guide will go over how to heal up and replenish your Health in We Happy Few. 

In We Happy Few, your Health is indicated by a heart icon under your Vitals in the main menu. Taking damage from an enemy or other threat will deplete a portion of your Health, causing the heart icon to appear in the upper left corner of the display. 

How to Heal

There are several different ways to heal in We Happy Few and restore your Health gauge. The first way to heal is by sleeping. Sleep not only alleviates fatigue, but it can also heal your entire Health gauge depending on the sleep duration. 

In order to sleep, you must find a bed to sleep in. You can find beds inside each Safe House, but you can also find beds throughout the world that belong to other NPCs. Be careful when sleeping in a bed other than your own, as this can cause its owner to react violently if you’re caught.

To sleep at a bed, interact with the bed to bring up the sleep timer. Input the amount of time you wish to sleep using the timer, noting the Health and Fatigue icons. Note that the longer you sleep, the hungrier and thirstier you will become when you wake up, so keep some food and drink handy if you plan on sleeping for an extended duration in We Happy Few.

Healing Items

If you need to heal quickly and a bed isn’t available, then your other alternative is to use a consumable item to restore Health. Healing items can be crafted, bought, or scavenged for. 

One healing item that can be obtained early on is the Healing Balm, which will restore a small portion of your Health gauge. Crafting the Healing Balm only requires two Rose of Gilead Petals and can be crafted in your menu. Healing Balms can also be purchased in certain vending machines or found while scavenging.

Another healing item that is a bit harder to come by is the First Aid Kit, which can be crafted at a Chemistry station. If you don’t have the blueprint yet, then you’ll have to resort to finding First Aid Kits while scavenging or spotting them in vending machines instead.


Although Bandages don’t directly heal you in We Happy Few, they do help stop you from bleeding, which can eventually impact your overall Health. Dirty Bandages will also do the trick, but these come with the added risk of Infection as well, so only use Dirty Bandages in bloody emergencies.

Make sure to keep an eye on your Health gauge and heal up when needed, otherwise you’re as good as dead. For more guides and survival tips for We Happy Few, such as how to craft weapons and items, head over to our We Happy Few game hub.

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