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How to Heal in Fallout 76

by Larryn Bell

From irradiated enemies to hostile players, there’s a lot of ways get hurt and lose health in Fallout 76. Maintaining your health is crucial for survival, and sometimes you’ll need to act quick and heal yourself fast so that you get back into the action. Below, we’ll explain the various ways that you can heal and restore your HP in Fallout 76 so that your character can survive for as long as possible.

How to Heal in Fallout 76

There are several ways to replenish health in Fallout 76, and some methods are more feasible than others. After getting hurt in a fight or taking damage, you’ll want to keep these steps in mind so that you can heal yourself quickly and continue playing.


Stimpaks are the primary method for healing yourself on the go in Fallout 76. These consumable aid items will quickly restore your health bar upon use, making them the most efficient way to heal during combat. You only have a limited amount of Stimpaks at first, but you should be able to accumulate plenty by simply playing through the main story quests. Stimpaks are found throughout the world and can be crafted once you obtain the recipe plan for it. To use a Stimpak, bring up your favorites wheel and press the button for using the Stimpak. Alternatively, you can find the Stimpak in your Pip-Boy menu and use it from there. 

How to Heal in Fallout 76


While food can be used to replenish some HP, most foods in Fallout 76 are contaminated and can increase your Rads level. The higher your radiation intake, the smaller your HP bar becomes. You can only heal up to the pink Rads section of the HP bar, so you should try to avoid exposing yourself to radiation when possible. Eat food to heal only when the food is safe to consume, or when Stimpaks and other healing methods are not available options.

Sleep and Rest

Sleeping is another good way to heal yourself in Fallout 76. Resting is relatively easy to do, as long as you find a bed or mattress in a safe location. You can also rest at your C.A.M.P. sleeping bag or bed as well, making this a convenient way to restore your health. However, it’s worth noting that sleeping on dirty mattresses on the floor can increase your chances of becoming diseased in Fallout 76, so make sure you hit the hay somewhere relatively clean.

Healing Aid

There are various aid items that can help replenish health as well, provided you can find them. One such item is the Healing Salve, which will slowly restore 20% of your max health when used. Players can find and collect Healing Salve while out scavenging. The recipe plan for Healing Salve can also be purchased from various vendor robots and requires Boiled Water, Soot Flower, and Bloodleaf to create.

Leveling Up

Each time you level up in Fallout 76, the health in your HP bar is restored. While this healing method isn’t as convenient as the others listed above, you can avoid wasting a valuable Stimpak or healing item if you can manage to level up while your HP bar is partially depleted. 

Now that you know how to heal and restore HP in Fallout 76, you should be able to withstand what the wasteland throws your way. If not, you may want to prepare yourself by learning what happens when you die in Fallout 76, as well as how to fast travel so that you can quickly traverse the map.

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