How to Hack Someone in Watch Dogs Multiplayer

Learn the best tactics to avoid detection while hacking players in Watch Dogs.

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When it comes to Watch Dogs multiplayer options, if you’re hacking into someone’s game, you need to remain undetected for as long as possible. While that was fairly easy to do at the beginning when few people knew what to expect, once someone catches on to the basic tricks of hacking, the normal strategies won’t cut it. You must take your evasion game to the next level, and we have the tips to achieve this.

Elevation is Key

In almost every situation in Watch Dogs multiplayer, the person being hacked is on street level. If you go above or below ground, your chances of being spotted are considerably lower. But it’s not enough to head up some stairs or down a ramp. You need to hide once you reach these locations.

One important fact to note is that whoever is searching for you is doing just that, searching. The better players won’t simply run by your hiding spot aimlessly. They’ll look in all the places they think someone would hide. If you simply hide behind bushes, that won’t cut it against the better players out there. They’ll use cameras to search wider areas at a faster pace, so make sure you’re out of view of any cameras in the area.

In addition, hiding in more obscure areas can be effective. If you go down to a parking garage instead of hiding inside one of the parked cars, hide behind a group of vehicles. The person trying to find you doesn’t have a lot of time. Even the best players will generally run by the parked cars to make sure no one is hiding inside. If you’re well hidden behind these parked cars, it’s rare for a player to make a full circle around each car to see if anyone is inside AND directly behind them.

Don’t Hide in Parked Cars

The number one most common way to hide from someone while hacking him or her in Watch Dogs multiplayer is to hide in a parked car. It’s a good place to hide, sure, but it’s also one of the most obvious places to hide. Good players will look in every single parked car they pass just in case someone is hiding in them, because more often than not that’s exactly where people hide.

Instead of hiding in parked cars, hide in a moving car. As long as you obey traffic laws and mix in with the flow of traffic, it will be very difficult to spot you. Most people will assume you’re just another AI-controller road warrior and not think twice about it. This works especially well at stoplights where you can be stopped, but not stand out as much as a parked car. Just make sure you’re around other vehicles when you attempt this tactic. A lone car looks just as suspicious as a parked car.

Act Normal

When you’re hacking someone, you do not look like Aiden Pierce. On your screen you see Aiden Pierce just like you would in single player, but to the other person you look like any other normal, AI-controlled character. Because of this, try to act as much like an AI-controlled person as possible. Never run, try to walk in a straight line and stick to crowds or at least small groups of people.

If you want to take things to the next level, go inside a store and stand behind the counter as if you work there. While the person being hacked will eventually make his way into the store, it’s unlikely he’ll even glance at the people behind the counter, especially if you’re acting the part of a store employee and not doing anything out of the ordinary.

What it boils down to is that the best way to remain undetected while you’re hacking someone in multiplayer is to simply blend in with your surroundings. Whether that’s acting like everyone else or just remaining out of sight and predictable hiding spots, make sure you do not stand out in any way. Don’t run anywhere or don’t drive out of control. Act as though you belong in the game and your opponent will have a difficult time finding you.

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