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How to Greet Citizens in Spider-Man, Spider-Man About Town Trophy

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re looking to 100% Spider-Man on PlayStation 4, then you’re going to need to know how to earn all of the trophies. While some of them are simple—like completing missions or unlocking specific upgrades—other trophies will require some work to pull off. Most notably is the Spider-Man About Town trophy in Spider-Man for PS4, which is rewarded for greeting ten citizens around the city. Thankfully, we can help you out and today we’ll show you how to find citizens in Spider-Man so that you can greet them and earn your trophy.

How to Greet Citizens

Greeting citizens is actually very easy once you find some that you can talk to. As you make your way around Manhattan, you’ll be able to run into several thousand different pedestrians along the way. Of course, not every citizen will want to talk to their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, so you’ll need to find some specific citizens around the city.

The best way to find citizens to talk to is to make your way to the street and just walk around along the sidewalk. Eventually you’ll come to some citizens with a Triangle marker over their heads. It’s these citizens that can be interacted with and talked to. Sometimes they’ll chat about the status of the city, other times they’ll give you valuable intel about areas in the nearby vicinity.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really a great place to find all of these citizens that you need to talk to. You’ll just need to run around the streets, searching for them until you find all of them. Once you’ve found all of them, though, you’ll receive the Spider-Man About Town trophy, granting you one more trophy in your quest to Platinum the game.

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