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How Gold Sharing Works in Alliances in Sea of Thieves

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re running an alliance with another ship you’re going to want to share gold in Sea of Thieves. You’ll be able to make some extra gold off of any quests that the other crew turns in, giving you a chance to make a little extra money along the way. But, if you want to fully understand how gold sharing works in Sea of Thieves, then you can keep reading to learn more about the current system in place.

How Alliances Share Gold

When you are set up in an alliance with another crew, any players that turn in items like chests and other treasures will receive 100% of the value of the item. Meanwhile, the other crews in the alliance will only receive 50% of the treasure’s value. This means that turning in a chest worth 2,000 Gold will reward any additional crews with 1,000 Gold, giving them a nice cut.

Now, the nice thing about alliances is that you won’t lose any of the value of your treasures when you turn them in. On top of this, you’ll also be able to turn in items from anywhere across the map, and the people in your alliance still get their cut of the goods. The nice thing about alliances is that you can use them to expedite the process and even help you take down skeleton ships, which are a new addition to the world with Cursed Sails.

Now that we’ve covered more about how the gold sharing works in alliances, it’s time for you to dive into the latest update and start making tons of gold with the new alliance system in Sea of Thieves. Make sure you head back over to our Sea of Thieves guide for more helpful and useful information like how to scuttle your ship  and where to find chickens. We’ll have more content for the Cursed Sails update coming soon, so check back often for the most up to date Sea of Thieves information.


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