How to Get Weird Half-Life Items When PSO 2 Launches on Steam

Get your anime Gordon Freeman glow-up in Phantasy Star Online 2.

Now that Phil Spencer got to have his megaton game announcement moment on the E3 stage, and Xbox gamers have had a significant head start, more people will be able to play Phantasy Star Online 2 very soon. This classic MMO from Sega I still can’t believe is available in English now is coming to Valve’s Steam platform on August 5, 2020. And since PSO 2 is a free to play action RPG laden with premium cosmetic items, you can bet your Meseta that unique swag is coming to Steam users.

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You wanna dress up like anime Gordon Freeman? Perhaps you wanna “dance” around while a Headcrab gnaws at your juicy head parts while Hatsune Miku comes back to the lobby stage for another live performance (this has literally happened before). In order to get all the Half-Life and other Valve-branded cosmetic goodies, there are specific tasks you’ll have to perform when the game goes live on August 5

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All you have to do is log into PSO 2 on Steam and perform certain tasks. Once you do that, you can choose the “Receive Campaign Items” option in the Visiphone menu to get your free stuff. The items you can get, and the unlocking conditions, are listed below:

Half-Life Collaboration Item

Simply log into PSO 2 on Steam and you’ll get the 720: Headcrab emote, which looks hilarious in motion.

Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life: Alyx Pack

Once you’re logged into PSO 2 on Steam, complete a quest on Normal/Casual difficulty and you’ll get the Pyro’s Gas Mask and Alyz’s Hair Hairstyle items. No flamethrowers here sadly, but you can use fire magic.

Portal 2 and Weapon Camos Pack

If you complete a quest on Hard/Hardcore difficulty while logged on via Steam, you’ll get a Wheatley Evolution Device (Portal 2) along with the TF2 Minigun, L4D Frying Pan, and Crowbar Weapon Camo items.

Half-Life 2 Collaboration Item

Same as above, but you’ll need to complete a quest on Very Hard difficulty three times. Do that and you’ll earn the HEV Suit Outfit (male characters only), representing Half-Life 2.

Half-Life: Alyx Collaboration Item

Even the most recent, VR-only Half-Life title is getting some Phantasy Star love. Complete a quest four times on Super Hard difficulty (yes, while logged in via Steam) and you’ll get the Alyx Replica Outfit (female characters only).

Timing for the distribution of these items will be revealed at a later date, but you’ll be able to jump into PSO 2 on Steam starting August 5, which is also the North American release date for Episode 4. PSO 2 is cross-play and cross-platform compatible, so if you’ve been keeping up on Xbox you’ll be able to knock out those higher difficulty quests in no time.

Curious about Phantasy Star Online 2 but waiting for the Steam release? Or are you planning to pop over just long enough to get those wacky Team Fortress 2 items? Let us know over on our Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!


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