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How to Get the Weaponized Wingsuit in Just Cause 4

by Josh Hawkins

The Weaponized Wingsuit in Just Cause 4 is a special preorder item that players who preordered the game can get their hands on and make use of. While you’re venturing through Solis, there are a ton of things to explore and blow up and having the Weaponized Wingsuit in Just Cause 4 can help you accomplish that goal quite easily. Here’s everything you need to know to get the Weaponized Wingsuit in Just Cause 4 and start causing more chaos.

How to Get the Weaponized Wingsuit

Getting your hands on the Weaponized Wingsuit is as simple as redeeming your preorder code on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you’re playing the game on PC, then it will automatically redeem itself and download the content to your computer.

To redeem the content on PlayStation 4, head to the PS Store from your PlayStation’s home screen and then enter in the Preorder code that you received using the Redeem Code option. Once you confirm it, the code will be redeemed and the content will be added to your game.

To redeem the content on Xbox One, tab over to the Xbox Store page and enter in your preorder code using the Use a Code option on this screen. With the code entered and redeemed, the content will be confirmed for you and downloaded to your game.

Now that you’ve redeemed the content, it’s time to unlock it. The Weaponized Wingsuit is available through a Supply Drop, which means you’ll need to unlock pilots first to make use of it. Once you have unlocked your first pilot, you can call in the Supply Drop, choose the Weaponized Wingsuit as the item you want delivered, and then set the location for your Supply Drop to arrive at.

Once the drop arrives, interact with it to equip the Weaponized Wingsuit and you can now start blasting away at your enemies and causing more chaos. Make sure you also check out our other Just Cause 4 guides to see more helpful content like this.


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