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How to get the Splatoon 2 Theme in Tetris 99

by Prima Games Staff

A brand new Maximus Cup event has been announced for Tetris 99, and if you’re thinking of participating, you may be wondering how to get the exclusive Splatoon 2 theme. Based on info provided by Nintendo Versus, the 5th Maximus Cup is set to begin on Friday, July 12.

Once live, participants will have the opportunity to earn points and unlock a special Splatoon 2 theme. Confused? Here’s everything you need to do in order to get the Splatoon 2 theme in Tetris 99!

How to Get the Splatoon 2 Theme in Tetris 99

A 5th Maximus Cup event is coming to Tetris 99. Starting on July 12 and running until July 16, participants have the chance to unlock a special Splatoon 2 in-game theme while the Maximus Cup event is live.

To get the Splatoon 2 theme, Tetris 99 players will need to earn at least 100 points during the Maximus Cup. To earn points, you’ll need to play games and place as high as you can. Similar to previous Maximus Cup events, the upcoming Maximus Cup event awards points based on placement.

For example, previous events awarded 100 points to 1st Place winners, 50 points to 2nd Place winners, 30 points to 3rd Place winners, and so on. The scoring system will likely be similar during the 5th Maximus Cup. The more you play, the more points you’ll be able to earn.

Once you earn 100 points, you’ll unlock the Splatoon 2 theme for Tetris 99. To change your theme, head to the Home page of Tetris 99, then select the “Customize” option. From there, you can choose “Themes” and browse the ones you’ve unlocked.

Select the theme you want to use, then tap “A” to confirm and save your changes. Keep in mind that you can change your theme in the Themes menu as often as you like, and once you unlock the Splatoon 2 theme in Tetris 99, it’s yours to keep forever.

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