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How to Get Sharp Claw – Monster Hunter: World

by Josh Hawkins

If you didn’t play Monster Hunter: World when it first released on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, then you’re probably just now starting to get a feel for the game. There are a lot of unique materials out there that you’ll need to collect and gather up if you want to be able to craft all the different items in Monster Hunter: World. Sharp Claw is one of the many items you’ll need to find. In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know to get Sharp Claw in Monster Hunter: World.

How to Find Sharp Claw

Sharp Claw is one of the more annoying items to get your hands on, as it only drops from a small assortment of creatures—three to be exact—and the chances of getting your hands on that drop can be pretty low. There are a total of three monsters that you can expect to get this item from.

  • Girros – Found in Rotten Vale
  • Shamos – Found in Coral Highlands
  • Jagras – Found in Ancient Forest

The good news is, you’ll find a few helpful quests in your Quest Board that task you with hunting these smaller beasts. That makes it easier to find them, as they are often guaranteed to spawn in during these quests. The problem is, they aren’t always guaranteed to drop the items that you are looking for, which means you could go a while without any kind of drops that you’re looking for. There’s currently around a 20 percent chance that you’ll carve off the Sharp Claw when you hit one of the monsters we’ve listed above, so you might find yourself hunting them for quite some time, depending on how many Sharp Claws you need to get your hands on.

Now that you know how to find Sharp Claw, you can start hunting those beasts and trying to get your hands on it. Make sure you head back over and check out our Monster Hunter: World guide for more strategy related information and guides to help you, like our guide on all crafting items and recipes in Monster Hunter: World.


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