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How to Get Research Tokens in Spider-Man

by Josh Hawkins

As you explore Manhattan in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the latest iteration of the web-slingers story from Insomniac Games, you’ll come across a slew of different Tokens, all of which play a vital part to furthering Spider-Man’s abilities. One particular Token, Research Tokens, will allow you to unlock new suits, gadgets and more, and we’ll show you everything you need to know to get more Research Tokens in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

How to Get Research Tokens

Getting your hands on more Research Tokens will be key to your success in Marvel’s Spider-Man, and alongside Crime Tokens, which we’ve already shown you how to acquire, you’ll find that these Research Tokens are fairly common. Still, though, knowing exactly which activities will reward you with them is important and will play a vital role in your success in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

You’ll earn Research Tokens by completing different investigative objectives located throughout all of Manhattan. These objectives will mostly be offered to you as additional tasks when you start to unlock Research Stations, though you won’t be able to dive into these directly at the start of the game. Instead, you’ll need to start unlocking and activating Surveillance Towers, which will start to unlock new Research Station tasks.

Once you’ve unlocked a Surveillance Tower, you should be able to find the Research Stations in that district by simply looking at your map. From here you can start to complete the different challenges offered up. Keep in mind that some of these tasks and objectives will be easy, while others may require more work on your part.

Some of the Research Stations that you find in Marvel’s Spider-Man will task you with finding things like the source of toxic substances, identifying toxic substances, or even tracking down drones and other things. There are several different objectives you can acquire for these tasks, and you’ll receive Research Tokens for location the Research Station and for completing the tasks that you get for each one.

Now that you know more about Research Tokens and how to acquire them in Marvel’s Spider-Man, make sure you check out our guide on how to get from Crime Tokens and be sure to head back over to our Spider-Man guide for more in-depth information to help you as you take down the big bads of Manhattan in Insomniac Games’ take on Spider-Man.


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