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How to Get Reissue Material In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

by Thomas Wilde

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, there are some cool items you can only make during special events, like the Gothic Silk Top Hat. If you miss those events, you can still make time-limited items via Reissue Crafting, but you’ll need some special ingredients to do it. Here’s how to get some Reissue Material.

How to Get Reissue Material In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Pocket Camp regularly holds Reissue Crafting limited-time events where you can spend Bells and burn Reissue Material to craft items that were otherwise exclusive to particular holiday events in the past. Reissue Crafting was first introduced in version 2.3 of the game, which debuted in April of 2019.

The current Reissue Crafting event is going until May 27th, 2020, at 5:59 AM UTC, and covers Lottie’s Gothic Rose Festival. That lasted just over one week in February 2018 and featured a number of exclusive, creepy pieces of furniture and clothing. It’s basically one-stop shopping if you really want to swan around your campsite like it’s a Dead Can Dance concert. Which you do, because who wouldn’t?

Most Reissue Crafting recipes require 10 Reissue Material and 1 HH Material, on top of any other ingredients they may require. The Reissue Materials tend to be the major roadblock. Neither Material is easy to come by in bulk, but HH Materials can be earned relatively painlessly via Happy Homeroom classes, and you don’t need anywhere near as much of it.

The easiest way to get Reissue Material is to purchase a Reissue Starter Pack with real money, which gets you 5 of them along with 70 Leaf Tickets for $2.99. If you’re not looking to drop actual cash on Pocket Camp, Reissue Material can appear as a reward for timed goals during seasonal events like the currently-running Springtime Scenery Break, and may be one of the items you receive for a Log-In Bonus. You may also earn Reissue Material for completing specific maps at Blathers‘ Treasure Trek.

It’s quite possible to get enough Reissue Material to make an item or two every so often simply by playing Pocket Camp. Like so many other things in the “freemium” world, however, if you absolutely need to have a giant stack of Reissue Material in order to make a full set of clothing or furniture before the Reissue Crafting event runs out, then the cash shop is right there waiting for you. It’ll always be there. It knows.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has my number in at least one way: there are an easy half a dozen Gothic-style items in the current Reissue Crafting period that I’d find it hard to go without. Welcome to my spooky permanent Halloween camp, everyone. Share your own seasonal shenanigans with us via our official Twitter, @PrimaGames.


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