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How to Get Recuperation Items in BTS World

by Prima Games Staff

In BTS World, you have the ability to assign agency tasks to the members of BTS and increase the group’s stats. Complete too many agency tasks and you’ll exhaust each member, requiring the use of recuperation items. 

Each member has 3 unique recuperation items that you can earn and use in BTS World. Recuperation items can be earned by playing through BTS World, though there are certain things you can do to ensure you’re earning them on a regular basis. 

To help, we’ve broken down how to get recuperation items in BTS World! 

How to Get Recuperation Items in BTS World

The best way to get recuperation items in BTS World is by playing through chapter missions. To complete chapter missions, you’ll need to choose photo cards best suited to the task. For example, if the chapter mission requires stamina and passion, choose cards with the highest levels of stamina and passion.

If you complete a chapter mission successfully, you’ll receive rewards such as gold, blossoms, and recuperation items. Each chapter mission has the potential to drop a random recuperation item as indicated by the “Possible Rewards” list shown before you start the mission. 

If the chapter mission has the potential to drop recuperation items, a dice symbol will be included among the “Possible Rewards” shown. We’ve noticed that similar recuperation items tend to drop, meaning you’ll want to farm different chapter missions in order to get a nice variety of recuperation items. 

Other ways to get recuperation items in BTS World include buying them for Gems. You can earn Gems in-game, or purchase them as microtransactions in exchange for real money. There are also recuperation item packs that will be offered, with the most common one priced at $1.99. 

To give a recuperation item to a member, open the agency tab and tap on their profile picture. If you have a recuperation item available, tap the item and select “Give Gift” to pass it along. The item will be used immediately, and you’ll see an instant boost to the member’s condition. 

Keeping the condition of each member up will come in handy, as they’ll be able to complete more agency tasks for you. In order to maintain the condition of each member, you’ll need to earn as many recuperation items as you can by completing chapter missions and/or by purchasing them in the Shop. 


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