The moment is finally here for the hardcore fans of BTS. It’s time to download the new mobile game BTS World, a journey into the life of the band in which you get to see lots of exclusive photos and videos. You even get to hang out with the group digitally and hear some of their music too.

You take on the role of their manager, somehow transported back to 2012. Your job is to shape them and guide them to the superstardom they’ve now achieved. It’s an excellent chance for fans to spend some time with digital versions of the popular group as well as see some cool photos. With Ten thousand new images to look at and loads of new videos too, it’s a no brainer for those who love the band.

How To Download BTS World on Android

On Android, you first need to head over to the Google Play store. Once you’re there, make sure you search for ‘BTS World’ exactly, as there are some knockoff games around. After that, select the game and choose to install it. You’re now free to sink into the role of their manager as soon as it’s installed.

How To Download BTS World on iPhone

Downloading Dota Underlords on iPhone is very similar to how you do it on Android, but you have to visit the App Store. Search for ‘BTS World’. Then, select it, install it, and you can begin your journey alongside BTS in order to help make them the band they are today.

Now that you know how to download BTS World, you can get properly stuck into the role of their manager. It’s a lot of pressure, but you’ll be able to do it. Make sure to follow Prima Games on Twitter to keep up to date with everything in gaming.