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How to get the Rampart Custom Finish Skin in Apex Legends

by Lucas White

It’s time for a new season in Apex Legends, and that of course means a new character, or Legend, has come to the game. Rampart is the latest addition to the Apex Legends roster, and players are no doubt trying her out en masse at the moment. Eventually the folks who click with her the most will settle in, and they’ll want to start customizing their version of Rampart. With that in mind, a new skin for Rampart has already been revealed, and the best part about it is that it’s (mostly) free.

How to get Rampart’s new Custom Finish Skin in Apex Legends

The new skin for Rampart is called Custom Finish, alluding to her role as a sort of grease monkey in the Apex Legends world. This skin gives her a much brighter color palette, dying Rampart’s hair blonde and turning her mechanic-suited orange jumpsuit deal into a purple and yellow getup that looks like something ripped out of Borderlands. It’s a bold, alternative look for Rampart and is totally free… as long as you’re paying for or have access to an Amazon Prime account.

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Yep, as the deal between EA and Amazon soldiers on, the new Custom Finish skin for Rampart in Apex Legends is a bonus given to Prime Gaming members, which itself is a slice of Amazon Prime membership. All you need to do to snag this skin, which will become available starting on August 21, 2020, is log into your Prime Gaming account and check out the loot page. From there you’ll be able to redeem your subscriber bonus and get the new skin at no additional charge.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account, you can try signing up for a free trial, unless of course you’ve already done so in the past. Maybe you have a non-gaming relative who isn’t using their Prime Gaming loot you can convince to let you use their creds. Either way, the Custom Finish skin will remain exclusive to Prime members, much like many of the free Battle Pass rewards for Hyper Scape.

Are you a Prime Gaming member and an Apex Legends player? If so, are you looking forward to grabbing this new skin for Rampart, or do you have another favorite character you would rather have some swag for. How do you feel about things like Prime Gaming loot overall? Let us know what your opinion is over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels!