It will be a while before a video game gives players more guns for them to use than Borderlands 3 considering the newest entry in the high-profile looter-shooter franchise has over one billion weapons for players to collect. Two of the most powerful weapons from this group of a billion are the Queen's and King's Call. These pistols offer a great perk and serious damage output which makes the Queen's and King's Call must-have weapons for any Borderlands 3 player's inventory. 

Borderlands 3 Queen's and King's Call


Borderlands 3 players can obtain both the Queen's and King's Call by defeating the final boss of the game. This final boss is Tyreen The Destroyer, and she is one nasty foe. Both of these powerful weapons can be dropped by Tyreen The Destroyer when she is defeated in battle. Players will have the highest chance of obtaining these two items by farming Tyreen The Destroyer. 

Borderlands 3 Queens and Kings Call

The Queen's and King's Call weapons both utilize a very useful perk that can quickly help a player turn the tide of a Borderlands 3 battle in their favor. 

Both versions offer the perk which returns three bullets to its magazine and ricochets three shots to the nearest enemy when a player gets a critical hit. These critical hit bonuses make this weapon extremely powerful when being used by a player whose character has a build that is based around critical hits. The difference between these two items is that the King is highly effective against flesh, and the Queen causes irradiated enemies to cause damage to enemies around them. 

Borderlands 3 players who add either the Queen's or King's call to their collection will be adding some serious firepower to their arsenal and will be prepared to take down any enemy they come across. 

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