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How to Get Power Armor in Fallout 76

by Larryn Bell

The Power Armor suit is likely one of the most sought-after sets of gear in Fallout 76. If you want get your hands on a full Power Armor frame early on, then you’ll need to put effort into scavenging for the parts. Other players will be competing with you to find Power Armor components as well, so you’ll have to act fast to lay claim to a Power Armor frame as soon as you find one. We’ll explain how to go about getting a full set of Power Armor in Fallout 76 so that you can suit up and be prepared for whatever the wasteland throws at you.

How to Find Power Armor Fallout 76

Where to Find Power Armor 

Power Armor frames are found all throughout the map. To increase your chances of discovering Power Armor in Fallout 76, it’s best to search near Power Armor Stations, as frames can typically found in these locations, ready to be claimed. That doesn’t mean you won’t find Power Armor elsewhere though, so make sure to thoroughly search inside military bunkers, old sheds, garages, and warehouses when searching for Power Armor.

Power Armor can spawn later in places you’ve already searched, so it may be wise to fast travel to previous locations to search for Power Armor, as they may turn up the second time around.

Claiming Power Armor

Once you find a Power Armor frame, you must enter the frame in order to claim it. As long as you were the first person to claim the armor, the suit is exclusively yours to keep, even after you step out of it again. A claimed suit of Power Armor will also get added to your inventory if it is left idle for a bit.

If you find a new Power Armor frame and are unable to enter it, this may be because you are not the right level to claim the armor. Power Armor typically has a level requirement, which can be frustrating for players at lower levels who stumble upon unclaimed Power Armor. 

There is a workaround for this, however. If you find that you are too low a level to claim a Power Armor frame, simply approach the frame and select Transfer to manually move each body part of the Power Armor suit into your inventory, leaving behind the Fusion Core and the base frame. Doing this should allow you to enter the frame and claim it for yourself.

Power Armor is only as good as the Fusion Core that powers it. Without a working Fusion Core, your suit is practically a paper weight and will become more cumbersome than anything else. Hop into your Power Armor only when you really need it so that you can conserve the core’s energy supply. 

Keep an eye out for Fusion Cores while you’re out scavenging for resources. You can also craft Fusion Cores if you have the necessary crafting components.

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