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How to Get Pets in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

by Larryn Bell

A recent update for Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery introduces pets to the game, allowing players to adopt their own in-game pets to keep in their dormitory. While it’s nice to have a pet to keep you company as you wander the halls of Hogwarts, it’s important to note that owning pets comes at a price. We’ll go over what you need to know about pets and how to go about getting them in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery.

How to Get a Pet in Hogwarts Mystery

Currently, there are four types of pets available for players to obtain in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: owls, cats, rats, and frogs. Each pet can be purchased with Gems, the game’s premium currency. The price of each pet is as follows:

  • Owl – 320 Gems
  • Cat – 215 Gems
  • Rat – 160 Gems
  • Toad – 160 Gems

To purchase a pet, visit your dormitory and select one of the pawprint squares to get a new pet for your room. Alternatively, you can tap your character icon in the upper left corner to visit your profile.

Tap the hanger in the lower corner to bring up the character customization screen. Select the square with the pawprint to bring up the pet menu. This is where you can purchase a pet using your supply of Gems and view what each pet will look like beside your character.

Players can have one of each pet species, for a total of four pets. Pets will remain in your dormitory, but you can choose to have one pet follow you around school. It’s worth noting that pets will also generate extra Energy while sleeping in the dormitory, which can be redeemed upon waking up your pets each day.

There you have it. If you were looking forward to having your own pet in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you’ll need to spend a decent chunk of Gems to get them. If you’re diving back into Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery and need some help getting House Points or answering quiz questions, visit our Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery guide hub for tips to help you get through the school year.